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The Chase 360°

Case Study


A 360° Behind the Scenes Experience Deluxe

We’ve built an interactive behind the scenes campaign, based on The Chase directed by Oscar nominee Henry-Alex Rubin.

The Chase is one of many virals which demonstrate the benefits of Volvo Trucks by conducting various tests. This time it was the new Volvo FL that was in focus, showing its maneuverability on the small winding streets of Ciudad de Rodrigo, an old spanish city. This made it an ideal location to discover how the new truck would perform in its city environment – chased by a herd of bulls.

The Chase 360° is the interactive experience in which the user takes control of 28 cameras to see more angles and to take part of exclusive behind the scenes footage - in short - an interactive behind-the-scenes-experience deluxe.

The interactive journey starts with the 360° material filmed from the truck’s roof. From here the users can pan the angle of the film as well as explore additional content that has been placed with graphic icons along the route.

In total, the experience has 5 different video streams; 360°, Truck, Runners, Bulls and Octocopter. The user can seamlessly switch between these views at any given time. Furthermore, the mini-map-feature gives the user a sense of direction when panning in the 360° view and clicking the map will expand additional content such as exclusive interviews from behind the scenes and the locals.

The timeline

The video player plays 5 simultaneous streams which the user controls by using their mouse or by predefined short-cuts such as up/down keys and spacebar. By using the timeline the user can also see what is left to explore.

Sound design

The overall sound design reflects the environments and changes in tonality between the different views and reinforces the interactive scenes where deeper exploration take place. We also built a sound engine that dynamically controls the SFX and the music where different views have different sound-mixes. Even more, in the 360° view we immersed dynamic 3D sound depending on of what direction the camera is headed.